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Discover Perth's Perfect Pour

Our small batch, handcrafted Perth Gin Original contains 15 premium botanicals and only the very heart of the distillation, that’s what produces the quality finish of our super smooth Scottish Dry Gin.


The combination of sun-ripened juniper and coriander is followed by a burst of citrus with lemon and lime, and spicy and aromatic star anise and cardamon, topped with elements of fennel and ginger.

Scotland's Best Pink Gin

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Just how proud are we to introduce our 2021 Scottish Gin Awards Gold Medal winning Perth Pink.


The finest quality fresh Perthshire raspberries combine with fresh citrus and spicy tones in this refreshing alternative to our Perth Gin Original pour.


Still traditionally juniper led, this luxury gin is bottled at premium 40% strength, perfect to enjoy alone over ice or with your favourite Fever Tree tonic, garnished with fresh raspberries and some mint. 


A gin experience like no other

All of our hand-crafted products celebrate the City of Perth and its rich and royal history, and there is no better place to experience them than in the heart of the Fair City itself.


Explore our selection of premium gin experiences including tastings, and tours, all taking place in our Secret Gin Palace in our Tay Street distillery.